Thursday, May 11, 2006

Well, I'm leaving for India tomorrow morning so I figure I won't get to blog for some time. So I will try to blog long long today.

I will try.

Last night was good.

My first ever Ladies' Night! And with my sister, no less! *grin*

We decided to have a night out. And so, off to Ministry of Sound we went. Girl's night out!

I was very different from the rest of my clubbing experiences, albeit, that's not very many. Usually we go there, already tipsy, and just dance because of a lack of anywhere to sit. This time, we got in easy (VIP-lined it in, riding high on the name of Sanjay!), had drinks (It's brilliant going out with ladies with credit cards I tells ya! Sign sign sign and everything is done!) and just chilled. Smoove started getting a bit crowded so we walked around and settled at 54 for some visual entertainment in the form of a very tipsy and horny couple (They just met by the way. That didn't stop them from making out and feeling each other up, in full view of everyone watching, in the middle of the dance floor though.) Twas very entertaining it was.

Everyone, meet my sister, Jamie! The bride to be!

Me, my sister, Kanchan and Jaggy at 54.


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