Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm finally home after a super long day.

This time I have no complaints though. It was much fun with my sister and her best friend.

Met early-ish and went for brunch. I had the best scrambled egess ever, with spinach and gorgonzola cheese. Holy mother of a possum, that was a good brunch. Jeez! I got to go back to that place again. Ask me about it if you're a scrambled eggs person. Or basically a good food person for that matter. The prices were a bit on the steep side but oh so worth it.

Then we trudged over to Orchard to meet the dress maker. I love her! She's so professional and it was so refreshing to meet a tailor who knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. Plus she kept gushing about how gorgeous the fabric was which just made us all feel so good!

Then came the shopping. Mostly it was browsing but some extent buying was achieved. I didn't buy anything though. My temptress of a sister tried to get me to get gold ballet flats but I resisted. They didn't really speak to me *waves fingers dismissively*. Jaggy tried to tempt me with this super cute white tubey from Future State. That one almost worked. But I decided against it.

I think I am regretting my actions now. Pfft.

Walked along Orchard for a bit. We were on a mission you see. Had to get ice cream. Not just any ice cream. The push cart ice cream man ice cream. With the wafers. Got the perfect one in the end, just outside Paragon. Wall's! One chocolate (Jaggy), one raspberry ripple (Sister), one sweetcorn (Me!)... Yuuuum.

Walked to the Heeren to look for presents for my Sister's man, didn't find anything, got tired again and went to Spinelli's to chill for about an hour. Jagu and I didn't have anything but my sis had really yummy mint tea. I really like the Spinelli's at the Heeren. The atmosphere on the outside is so nice. Very chilled out.

Went back to Paragon after bumming much, because we were told to look for shoes at the Nike there. Didn't find them. Went down to M1 because Jaggy needed to speak to customer service. Saw Arjun Rampal.

Holy crap, he's fucking hot!!! Oh my goodness!!! *drools* I was stunned at his yumminess. Like literally speechless.

Then we went to eat.

Carl's Jr.


I'm full.

And sleepy.




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