Friday, May 05, 2006

It's been a tiring week of events coordinators, photographers, florists and shopping (my only non-complaint).

I'm completely exhausted and my back is killing me. It's very difficult to keep a smile on my face and run around with my spine upright. It's seriously taking it's toll. I actually dozed off on the floor just now with a hot wheat bag on my lower back. How gramma of me. But seriously, my back is really painful and stiff.

I need someone to pound me to a pulp til my back is in a million pieces, spine and muscles and flesh and whatever else, and then fix me back together again. Or I need someone to take my spinal chord out, flexible-ise it (I have an image in my head about how that should be done but after much thought I've decided that I don't know how to manage to describe it.)and then put it back in.

I explained all this to mummy earlier while lying on the floor. From the angle I was at, it looked like she scowled. I'm hoping I was mistaken and it was actually a look of approval.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be good. I think I'm going for a party at night after church. I don't know. I'm very confused about things. I'm very blah so I'm hoping the blah-ness will disappear by tomorrow or I'm going to be highly bothered and disappointed. Hmph.


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