Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm in a hyper chirpy mood.

Why why why? you may ask.

Well, let me tells ya!

My sweetheart of a brother!!! He called me a while back to ask me if I had found the CD he left on my table for me?

"What CD?", I asked. I'd been sitting at my study table every night for the past I dunno how long and I did not see a CD. He said he'd found my Beatles CD from ages back and left it on my table for me a week or so back.

Dude, you should have seen me scurry like a mad mouse!

Well, long story short, I found it! It was hidden in one of the drawers. Mummy had apparently thought it was one of my many SSA movies copies and put it in the drawer.

Ok, let me explain my excitement.

A few years ago, I wen through a major Beatles phase. I tried all avenues to get as many songs as possible, well, the good ones at least. After a bit, I finally had all my favs but they were on my computer so the only way I could listen was to come home from school and listen from my PC.

Until, of course, my bro got a new PC and had CD burning technology. Oh the joy!

Sent all the songs to him and got a CD burnt and fnally had happy music to listen to on the way to school (Wake up music!) and on the way home (School's over, yay! music). That's all I needed, the Beatle boys, and I was a happy camper.

I remember getting a lot of... stares, when people would listen to my huge, ancient looking bulky discman. Did I care though? Nuh uh!

Then the sadness happened. Bro borrowed the CD when he changed his PC again about a year later (I think I was in J1) because he wanted to download the songs back onto his system. Somehow or other, the disc got mixed up with the other CDs in his rom and got shipped off to his friend's house, never to be seen again. My PC changed too eventually (Close friends will realise that PCs change a lot in my house. Along with the constant death of stand fans in my room, my entire house is a technological hell hole. Condemned goods and appliances are all drawn to this place for some reason.)

Well yes, I thought I lost it forever. And I was way to lazy to find all my songs again. For some reason the thought depressed me.

And now it's back and I'm bopping along to my sweet Beatles again. Yay! I will iTunes them soon I will.

Oh, and I forgot to mention last night that my lovely lovely sister brought back the bestest present ever from Brisbane.

Doughnuts from Donut King!!!

One strawberry and one chocolate. Delisc!

My life's mission now: To have Krispy Kremes. Anyone wanna buy me some?

Off to watch Pretty Woman. God, I love that movie.


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