Sunday, April 23, 2006

I tried on that top today at PS. I think it's very pretty. I would like to own it.

Hint hint.

Ok, that aside, I've got nothing to substantial to say today.

I'm sure that during the course of the day, when I'm woke up in the morning, when I was waiting for someone to arrive, when I was walking aimlessly around town, when I was staring longingly at the steaming, hot ribs someone else was eating while I walked out into the rain, I'm sure that I had something intelligent and witty to say. Something that would have made you sit up and realise that I'm smart, that I'm cute and funny and, most of all, that I'm worth it.

But it's tiring trying to prove and prove and prove when nothing comes of it.

For some reason, everyone else sees it. People I don't care about see it. Just not you.

It's odd huh?

What's odder is the fact that I don't even quite know if I actually WANT you to see it.

Tsk. Confused soul aren't I?

You know what I'm not confused about though... Hugh Jackman.


I think I should be studying.


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