Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello all!

I'm back from India!

Well, technically I got back on Friday, but for some odd reason, my internet connection was messed up.

Now I'm on wireless thanks to nice Starhub man who came this morning. I'm not connected from all corners of my house. Whee!

So anyways, India was alright. Not much of the "holiday" that people make it out to be. It was nice seeing all the mummy's-side relatives but the weather was almost too hot to handle.

I've been trying to upload my India pictures (all 160++ of them) but it's very difficult. I will make known when they are up. They aren't very nice so even if I can't get them up, it's not much of a loss. It's mostly just family shots and random pictures of landscapes.

I didn't do anything very exciting over there. Here are some of the highlights though:

1. Went on a 3+hour drive around Chennai with my cousin. During the journey, we stopped off at St Thomas Basilica, one of the 3 basilica's in the world. In my brother's words "It was slick." We also drove by the beach where the tsunami hit.

2. Almost got run over by a cow while we were auto-ing one night. It was, howeverm one of the few cows we saw and a very pretty one at that. Twinkly brown eyes and curly-wurly horns.

3. Plenty of shopping, but 90% of the shopping was done at one store called RMKV. Many saris and punjabi suits were purchased. You can't blame us! It was one stop and we got most of what we needed there! Plus it was air conditioned.

4. I discovered heaven in a cup: Mango milkshake! Yummy!

5. I have a devil-child for a cousin. He's cute. But he's a little brat. No, he's 5 or 6 brats rolled into one tiny package.

6. We ate beef everyday. No kidding. Every day!!!

7. My mother's family is full of comedians! It is! They are all really funny and witty! Even my grandpa! He's so cute!

I can't think of much else right now. I am glad to be back though.



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