Monday, April 03, 2006

Well, today was weird.

I keep telling myself, Jasmine, shut up! Don't talk so much. Nobody needs to know everythng you are thinking. Nobody needs to know every damn thing that goes on in your mind. They don't need to know, and more than that, they most certainly don't WANT to know.

Everytime I open my mouth and I go on and on about how I feel and why I think someone else's actions are to be blamed for this barrage of emotions I always get proven wrong. Maybe not so much proven all the time. But I definitely end up feeling that way, like I'm wrong and the other person is right.

It's really a good thing that I'm not gonna become a lawyer. I reckon that as much as I am a loudmouth and a fightercock, as Pinky would say, I'd make a terrible lawyer. Because I invest too much emotions and I give up too damn easily because I don't feel like fighting anymore. If I truly belive I am right, I will fight. But the fact of the matter remains that in every argument or debate, there are 2 opinions. And my big problem is that I get convinced pretty darned easily.

In my own head, my arguments are justified. They make so much sense and I think, no, I KNOW that THIS will be the argument that I'll win.

Never happens.

I don't know why. I guess I'm weak.

Jasmine... Shut up. No one cares.


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