Friday, March 31, 2006

Things I did today as of 12am:
1. Edited Food From The Heart (FFTH) Report (from 18 pages down to 10)
2. Printed and compiled report and hard copy of the brochure.
3. Typed Genes and Society Essay and printed it out.
4. Typed Reaction Paper 5 for NM2219.
5. Handed in FFTH Report.
6. Handed in Reaction Paper 5.
7. Presentation of Love Letter: A Semiotic Analysis.
8. Watch 15 (Royston Tan)- Really good shit by the way. Very very very powerful and disturbing.
9. Went to City Hall for some loving from my favouritest sisters. Bought fuzzy red pants (jammies/study pants), a lovely fuzzy lavender sweater (ooh, too huggable!) and Gap Kids hoodie (super cute!) - Model-esque Gap advert pictures will hopefully be taken soon and displayed.
10. Went to Carls Jr for a HUGE dinner. Huge. Proof later.

Busy, busy, busy day. It ended well though. I love Pinky and Muffles. *pashes her fav sisters*

I'm still highly troubled by the green bikini incident. And I still have an urge to buy that orange lacey tank (Fox), the checked shorts and the polka dot halter (m:phosis).

As Poo has wonderfully put it, we have one or two days to rest and get over this highly tiring week and then we have a month of mugging and revision to look forward to. We have things under control for now though so I think it's alright. We can handle this!

The semester will be over in less than a month! Goodness!

I feel carefree now. Light and airy.

take me away to your essence
where everything is you
the walls the sheets the light
let me drown in you
let me be happy
let me be


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