Monday, March 27, 2006

I feel like I haven't put up anything worth reading in a longass time. I'm not quite saying that all my stuff is worth reading, but some of it definitely is. If it's not to you then you can just go shove it. I amuse myself. That's all that counts.


I've been busy laaaaaa. Yes yes, I keep telling everyone that when they ask me the obligatory "So, how are you?". Technically, it would be much easier if I just replied with the equally obligatory "Fine! How're YOU?". But seriously, bugger that. I want to burden you with my aching muscles and mushifying brain issues.

Speaking of mushifying brain issues, I just completed my Health Claims closed book CA-like thingy. Ok, so COMPLETED might be the wrong word. I didn't even do the first damn question (forgive me for not knowing what gluconeogenesis is and why it's important to the human body!*grinds teeth*)! Everything after that was just bad. Downhill downhill downhill. *throws arms in the air and yells "wheeeeee!"*

You might think "Hey! It's over now! She can relax!" Well, that's where you'd be wrong. Terribly wrong. Yes, terribly. I've still got projects due. Many many projects due. NM2219 FFTH brochure and report. NM2101 presentation. GEK1527 essay. GEK1525 paper.

Many many.

Terrible innit?

Should I give you all a rundown of my past, oh, week or so?

OK, so the status remains the same as last Monday night. The night of many dramas and much tears I'd like to call it. Still hangs in the balance but I really don't mind.

I went clubbing on Saturday night. To Zouk (vodka lime, vodka orange and one glorious tequila shot) and then to Desire (no booze, just dancing and a certain amount of jilting). Got home at about 3ish, reeking of cigarettes, to a highly cranky malayalee lady I call mummy. Oh boy. Thank God she had her own issues the next morning so she didn't really have it in her to yell at me. As per normal it was just Papa's potential angry being channelled through the mother. Oh well. I got away in one piece

Good shit.

Going out with mummy tomorrow for a spot of shopping. I figure I deserve some retail therapy before I hunker down and do my work. Will post up my many purchases tomorrow.

I'm starting to really love Shakira. "Hips Don't Lie" is mad... The video is... I don't know. It says much that I'm turned on by it! I gotta take up belly dancing or something. Anyone know of any good places to take classes? And hopefully join me?

I'm also rediscovering Mariah Carey. I'm not sure I quite of her as a person, but that really shouldn't matter should it? Some of her stuff is really easy to listen to. Like in a chill out kind of way. I love "Breakdown" by her. Collaboration with Bone Thugs n Harmony (does anyone remember "Crossroads"? Oldskool shit, as Siva would say. But the oldskool shit is the best.)

I think my ideal Saturday night would be chilling out at a nice jazz club with drinks with shiny, perfectly squared ice cubes, black leather couches with chrome fittings and dim white lights and lava lamps. I'd sit there and talk and laugh and giggle all night with my drinks and you for company. We'd talk about deep stuff, we'd talk about silly stuff. We'd talk all night and the night would never end. It'd be perfect.


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