Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bubba's show last night. It was pretty good I thought. Short and sweet. But not without the obligatory mama drama outside later. But what would an indian show be without that yeah?

You know what it would be?


Bloody mamas with their fucking egos should just shut it and learn to swallow all that misplaced pride. Seriously, you only deserve the ego if you actually have something to be proud of. The minute you want to "Settle outside" you've lost all semblence of pride I think. Beating someone up, or threatening to, which is what most of you lard-asses do, is not going make anyone respect you or think "watta man!". The same applies when you have issues with all your ex (yes EX) girlfriend's friends, relatives and acquaintances. Settle your own shit behind your own closed doors la huh?


Manners people. And proper behaviour.

Learn some.

That's the only thing that seriously bothered me during the show. Having to deal with being embarrassed by the bahaviour of my own people.

Other than that the show was good. AJC did themselves proud I thought. They tried their best, they practiced hard and they managed to put up a good show. They also managed to handle all the behind the scenes stuff well. Their performances were not the typical dances and skits, they had a little extra to it and I thought it showed a lot of talent.

Bubba played the flute by the way. He was good stuff!

Seeing him with blond hair was freaky though. I hope he's not planning on making it a permanent thing.

He worked really hard on the show. I'm proud of him. I'm such an embarrassing thing though. I bought him purple gerberas! Purple! I wanted to get blue but they didn't have any. Bah. I hope he liked them. Not much of a reward for such hard work and all but it's the least I could do I guess.

Oh, and I just thought I should mention my date for the evening.



We've both decided that we looked good that night.Grin.


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