Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm at my Principles of Communications Management lecture now. Supposed to be paying attention I suppose. This is, after all, my "most important" module for this semester.


I'm sleepy and groggy from all the crap I've been ingesting. It's terrible really.

I had Siva over last night for a night of chilling and movies. It might have been the first ever official Movie Night. Although last night we did take the cheesy route and watch My Boss' Daughter (the idea of movie night is to watch intelligent, obscure films that get brain juices flowing and aid in a book club-esque discussions about deep stuff). But it was fun and I think Movie Night might actually work out. Maybe not so much in a regular sense because of all this hubbub about school and camp and what not, not at least in a semi regular basis.Hopefully possibly potentially.

I don't know.

I think I may be addicted to cough mixture. I've convinced myself that my course of cough mixture should be finished (much like antibiotics) despite the fact that my cough is virtually non-existent. But the cough mixture tastes good. And it puts me right to bed.

I'm not saying it makes me sleepy. I'm saying it it knocks me out! Like I can't do anything and I must just sleep kind of thing.

And bloody hell it's blissful.

Why are blue-collar workers called blue-collar workers? What job did they do before that had them wearing blue-collars? Obviously whatever they did was important enough for them to be called that until now. I'm intrigued.

Rashmi's party tomorrow.

Parents come back on Sunday.

I can make it.


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