Thursday, March 02, 2006

jasmine is not pleased.

jasmine has a fever of 38.7 degrees (on average) which only cools during the 3-4 hours that the paracetamol works.

jasmine can't eat anything because she either has no appetite or she keeps hurling anything she forces herself to injest.

jasmine is cold. very very cold.

jasmine's nose keeps running and her supply of tissues is rapidly depleting.

jasmine cannot remember anything and cannot digest any information.

jasmine needs to leave her house because she is being overcome with major claustrophobia.

jasmine's mother is not letting her leave the house due to the above-mentioned fever.

jasmine's muscles are aching.

jasmine's skin is burning.

jasmine wants to rip her nose off.

jasmine is very very cranky.

please forgive jasmine if she insists that this entire entry be about her.


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