Friday, March 24, 2006

Too much has happened in too little time. And when you are faced with a situation like that, you tend to be very very tired.

It doesn't help that the people around you are also tired and you, for some unexplainable reason, feel the need to coddle them and make then feel better despite your exhaustion that they don't seem to notice.

Yes, attention seeking and needy. I know it is. But seriously, after all the attention you give it would be pleasant to get some in return. It's the whole "do unto others" concept.

And for you are annoying things (ie potential MILs and missed-opportinity sad cases), my status has not been confirmed, so hold your damn horses. No, on second thought, slaughter those damn horses and have a good meal. Cos that's the only meat you'll be getting anytime soon.



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