Friday, April 14, 2006

Look at my new bag!!!

Havoc isn't it?

I think it's lovely s if you don't like it too bad. I'm am very very very pleased.

Thanks Sivvie for bringing me to the place and for the movie.

We watched Inside Man today at Suntec. Pretty darn good. Clive Owen is hot in a strange, gruff kind of way.

Oh, and thanks Bubba, Pinky and Navan for actually remembering that I wanted the bag and giving me info on where to get it. The one I got is a little different from the one in the advert though. I like mine more. It's more roomy.

On a more sombre note, today's good Friday. Went for mass in the morning, and as usual I welled up during Stations of the Cross. It's a sad thing and as a Catholic, you know it. But hearing it played out, you can't help but imagine it and it's terrifying and depressing and awesome all at the same time. It's too many emotions and every year I tear up a little.

But it's all good. Easter Mass tomorrow night. I'll tear up a little then too I think. The blessing of the flames is beautiful in a darkened church and looking around you just feel the power of the parish. Plus, I tend to love special occasion night masses. Everyone gets dressed up and gathers and the choir is usually amazing...



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