Thursday, June 23, 2005


1. t-shirt from freshbox (white with a picture of a tank and a girl)
2. army green cargo capris
3. swooshy ankle length black skirt
4. white racer back tank
5. red and yellow flower brooch
6. silver sequined stretch belt
7. Sally Hansen : In the Red Creme
8. butterfly choker with light blue stones
9. red rose necklace from six

Thus go my brand new acquisitions over the past 2 weeks. Items number 1 to 7 were actually purchased by me and items 8 to 9 were presented to me by my aunt and Mr Perfect respectively.

Shopping is addictive. I need more.

I'm not kidding.

- more tshirts from freshbox
- union bay baby blue capris
- blood bros. shoulder bag (black)
- converse sneakers
- flip flops
- abercrombie tshirt (lavender)
- lavender yoga pants by nike women
- kookai string bikini (turquise)
- cult bikini (chocolate brown)

And that's just the things I saw at Bugis. I was very very sleepy by the way. So I must have missed half the things. I should go there when I'm more awake. And more... Loaded money-wise.

I need money.

Plenty plenty and much much.

Hello to Rosemary, the nice DBS girl who was oh so sweet to me today.


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