Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Why is it that everytime something is going well for me, something else comes right along and screws it up?I'm not appreciative of it people. Seriously. You have got to learn to butt out and let me live.

Well, moving right along from the potentially depressing parts of my life...

Wait... Those are the only parts right now...


Ok, let's talk about something else. Like how I'm worried that I might not got into any of the 3 universities I applied for. You there! Don't roll your eyes at me. It's highly possible ok? I just get this really bad feeling about things. I guess that coms with the sick feeling of screwing up a major examination. Makes you kind of feel like you're hanging in the balance. You don't know if the world is going to take pity on you and give you another chance to redeem yourself or if it's just going to right you off as another chump who didn't wanna make anything of yourself.

Here I am, on my blog, declaring to no one that I did wanna make something of myself. I just didn't go about it the correct way. Or maybe I did go the right way, I just wasn't looking around and paying attention to the end of it all.

"You're my brother from another mother! Fo' real!"

Sorry, watching TRL... Can't help it but wanna talk all nigga when Snoop Dogg is on. Hahaha.

Oh, the sad ways I amuse myself.


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