Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This was written for me by Aarthi some time back. At that time I loved the idea but I didn't think I'd be able to find such a fella. I may just have huh? ;-)

I'll give it a little while and tonnes of thought.

Jasmine Darling :
Here's your mr. man..
His boyish coy looks will sweep you off your feet and yet keep you grounded as they aren't intimidating.His initial shyness might make him hard to break but once you get to the other side of him,you know its nothing but an initial boundary.Everyone loves him. They all see him as this pretty boy that the world adores.And yet, he will always be a man just for you. He won't think twice about taking the time off just to be with you and yet he will sometimes just give you this pained expression that lets you know what sacrifices he's made for you. He will stand up for you even if it means his back's gonna break and he'd rather get hurt than see you in pain. Despite how high handed he might seem, at any particular moment, he and u can have any sort of an in depth conversation. He isn't shy of his emotions or his sensitivity towards you. When it boils down to having pure fun,every single moment with him stands for it. He never thinks twice about making a fool out of himself and he lives for each day.
He isn't Mr Famous..
He isn't Mr Suave..
He isn't Mr Cool..
Nor is He Mr Hot
All he is, is Mr Boy Next Door..
Your man who still hasn't let go of the boy in him..


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