Saturday, March 19, 2005

Quick Updates

Ok, time for a quick update on the happenings in my life. Forgive me for I have not the exact dates, times and places of the events. But if you wish to hear a long drawn out story about how, why, where and when things may have happened feel free to read my memoirs which will be written, illustrated and published the minute I can bite my own toe.

1. I am now lawfully girlfriended to a certain somebody who, for now, shall be named Mr. Perfect.
2. I fucked up my A's, or so I think. Oddly enough, plenty of folkes seem to think I did alright. Mr. Perfect may be right. I guess I got my ego bruised.
3. I've applied for NUS, NTU and I am in the process of applying for SMU.
4. I managed to scald myself with a ceramic straightening iron. Don't worry, it was tiny and it's healed and I'm all good. I just felt should warn the world about the dangers.
5. I spend my lovely weekdays working in the NYJC General Office doing plenty of my own stipulated data entry and plenty of work that other people just chuck at me for their own convenience. (Welcome to the working world Jasmine Paul! Here's your much talked about pay cheque. No! We're not kidding! That's really it! Oh, and before you leave, here's your complimentary instruction manual on how to keep that manic grin on your face all the time. Enjoy your stay!)
6. My boys have all gotten their postings and, save for a few, they all seem alright about it. I have faith that they'll all make it through with, at most, a few bumps and scrapes, but I'll still miss them to bits. Especially Mr. Perfect.
7. I still don't know what I want to do with my life.

Well, that's the most thinking I've permitted myself in a long long time. I'm tired out. I'll try to keep this up, at least a little more frequently...


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