Sunday, October 24, 2004

Just got home from my gramma's place a while back.

Watched the Everton/Norwich match with my uncles. Didn't get to watch the whole thing though. But I did catch it til 2-2. Eventful it was. They was rain and very violent men on a green green field. And then there were my uncles arguing about there not being any good Asian tennis coaches and the best place to go get drunk after some upcoming wedding dinner. I believe the phrase my uncle used was "not square". Despite the obvious tension it was still fun.

English accents, Punjabi cuss words, jokes about the Polish and rappers (namely their inability to sound like "the one and only Master G-to-the-double-E"), complaining wives, grumbling husbands, gossiping girls and good Indian food. The best way to spend a Saturday evening.

I'm still scared for my gramma though. She's getting more senile by the day. She repeats the same story over and over again. At first we thought it was cos she just liked the story alot but now I know that it's because she forgot she told it in the first place. She keeps asking me to be a doctor... Then a nurse... Then a lawyer... Then a doctor again. Then she tells me I should marry soon because my parents have spent so much on my education. I think she thinks I'm my sister sometimes. I see her sons worry but they deny it just so that they can try and be happy around her. But seeing them worry worries me because if they are worried then there must be something to be worried about in the first place right?

I'm scared. And I know I shouldn't be. I mean... Why should I? People get old. People have to die eventually.

But I'm still scared. Very.

But I'm not going to think about it.

I'll do my "happy thoughts" thing again and go and indulge in some Mathematics!


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