Monday, October 18, 2004

Do I make you laugh? Do I make you cry? Does my smile make you want to smile? When my eyes fill up with tears do yours threaten to do the same? Do you want to feel my skin? Do you want to feel how warm I feel? Do you want to run your fingers through my hair? Does the sight of me playing with my hair make you want to join in?Can you feel yourself falling for me? Or have you already done so? Do you feeling like laughing when I do stupid things like my bimbo act or when I say stupid things? Do you want to smile like a mad fool at that instant you first catch sight of me when we meet? Do you feel like kissing me? Do you want to do special things for me? Do you think about the thngs I said and did when you are alone? Do you want to seduce me? Do you want me to seduce you? Do you love the way my name sounds when you say it? Does the idea of doing nothing but talking to me for hours and hours appeal to you? Do you want to hold me? Have you seen me blush? Do you find me cute? Do you think I'm gorgeous? Can you imagine waking up to me in the morning? Do you see a future with me? When you look into my eyes can you feel an undeniable energy? What is it about me that keeps you coming back for more? Can you put into words what you feel for me? Do you want to go out for a movie? Do you want to hold my hand through it? Can I put my head on your shoulder? Will you share your popcorn? Will you ask me strange questions all of a sudden like "What's your favourite song?" just because you want to know? Do you think I look fat in my jeans? Is that skirt too short? Do you know that I hate my feet? Will you ever buy me something I like even though you hate it? Do you want to take a whole bunch of crazy photos with me just so we had memories of everything? Will you give me your shirt to sleep in? Would you be embarrassed to hug me in front of your friends? Will you try to get along with my friends? Would you show my parents the utmost respect even if they treated you like crap? Will you love me no matter what? Do you want to?


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