Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ok, I hate, Hate, HATE my feet!

Bloody nuisances keep causing me pain... First it was the booboo-ed toe on my left foot. Then yesterday I decided to clean off the glittery purple nail polish (amethyst!) and what do I find? That my toenails had not magically become beautiful. Nope. They hadn't. They're still ugly and discoloured. And the big toe on my right foot is still hideous. I swear, my existence is doing the various nail polish companies a lot of good.

But no, my horror at my ugly feet was not enough for the foot gods. No no, they had to see me in more pain/ disgust. So what did they do? They strategically placed some foreign object near my foot so that I would so perfectly scrap one of my innocent baby toes on it and leave a gaping, bleeding wound. When I was out of the house, no less! I used up an entire packet of tissue on the NEL trying to stop the bleeding. Arg.

So now I have another scar to add to my already countless number on my feet. Yuck...

(Talk about bimbo moments Jasmine... Drama Queen alert!)


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