Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saturday's been good... Really good... How can it not be good with all the shopping?


Got up real early to follow my Mum to Novena. It's been ages since I went and I kinda forgot what kind of effect it has on me. I really don't know why. The church itself just feels so spiritual to me. You can go into some churches and just feel nothing sometimes. I mean, sure, it's God's house and all and technically there should be a sense of peace that overtakes you when you go in. But sometimes that peace just comes from the fact that you got a place to park your ass or that you finally got out of the sun into the comfort of air-conditioning. But not at Novena. There it really is peace. And the people who go there are not the ones who are forced to make an appearance due to family obligation or whatever. They actually want to be there. They pray louder and they mean it. They sing louder and they love it. It's absolutely beautiful and as typical and loser as it may sound, it always moves me to tears.

Yes it does. And it did again today.

I love that church.

And then Mummy and I went to Mustafa Centre! Haha... Yes... Quite an India National thing to do but why not? Cheap stuff, good stuff! I bought tonnes of things, all sponsored by my dad ( I contributed some too cos I've been saving which is totally unlike me, but I did it anyway! Hah!). It felt good shopping with my mum after a long time. Some much needed quality time! I told her how I wanted a boyfriend that I could take to church with me and who'd come over for Sunday lunch and who'd take care of me (she gave me "the look" as usual) and she told me how my aunt told her that people with my indian zodiac thingy should marry by the time they're 22 or else they'll get married really late. Then we got really hungry and had tuna sandwiches and promised each other that we wouldn't tell my dad cos he was getting us lunch. There was so much of irrelevent and unconnected conversation that I lost track after a while. But it was fun and noncommital and just... Not draining.

My purchases:
1. An epilator (don't ask, I really don't know what I got myself into!)
2. Adidas perfume (Icey something-or-other... Cheap and perfect for normal days..)
3. Exfoliant (Apricot scented and good enough to eat!)
4. Glow by J.Lo! (Oh, quit cringing! She isn't so bad! Any woman who could snag P.Diddy AND Marc Anthony in the same lifetime must have SOMETHING going for her! Plus, she and Beyonce are the only women I know who can have big asses and huge thighs and still have men idolising them! The perfume is quite yummy by the way!)
5. L'Oreal Elseve shampoo and conditioner (My favourite!)
6. A whole bunch of other bits and pieces that I can't quite remember right now but have nonetheless added to my glee...

"I'm not phased, if it weren't for me you wouldn't be on this track in the first place."
- Jay Sean

Oh, now that guy is HOT! Don't ask me why. I think it's the accent, mixed with the fact that he's cute, and he's part Indian! The rapping is adorable and the singing is Craig David-esque. Good combination.

Going to my gramma's place after church tonight. It's her 84th birthday tomorrow so we're gathering to make her happy for as long as we can. I'm gearing myself up for a night of "When you getting married?", "Got a boyfriend already?", "Don't worry la, you'll get all A's!" and "When you gonna make the smart move and run off to Australia with your sister?"

Unfortunately people, I don't see any of that happeninging anytime soon... At least I don't think so.


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