Thursday, October 21, 2004

I was just thinking... Of all the things you said...

The trepidation in your voice, the fear in your messages, your apparent nerves...

The honesty that I believed was there.

And I just wanted to know,

Was that all an act?

Or have you just shoved that all aside for something more important?

Coveniently forgotten that it happened.

That you felt.

I sift through my memories hoping to find a point of time where maybe I missed something. A moment maybe, where I could have changed things. Where I might have noticed something... Off... But I just pretended I didn't see it so that I could move on and drown in the moment.

But I couldn't find anything.

I actually was drowning in the moment. There was nothing around that could have saved me.

The wheels were set in motion and there was nothing that could have stopped them.

Except you.

Looks like you did...

All of you did.

Lucky me.


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