Monday, October 18, 2004

111ohrs and the day is going good!

Woke up in the morning to the sound of the doorbell. Delivery man! Woohoo....

Parcel arrived from Australia. The first part of my prom outfit has touched down! And it fits oh-so-perfectly. Shrinks my butt, lengthens my legs and kinda gives the illusion that I may be tall! Hence the perfection of it! My sister, Jamie Paul, is genius!


It did cross my mind a few times that maybe I should try and attempt to get my entire outfit on my own. And that maybe I should consider getting a dress and doing up my hair and going all glittery and glamorous. But then I thought, "Heck! I'm not getting married, it's Singapore and it's freaking prom!" I figured I didn't wanna end up uncomfortable and weird on prom night hiking up my skirt so I can walk properly. I didn't want to get all dolled up with my hair up in something resembling a croissant and a full-length gown and then look silly walking around after prom. I'm not saying I don't want to look good, I'm just saying I don't want to look overdone. I figured that if I let myself get all hyped up with everyone else I might end up going to Danial Yam and buying something completely typical.

Hence asking my sister to take over.

And she's doing a brilliant job. I just wish she was here. She's completely excited about it though. If only she could get off work 2 weeks earlier. Or if only they could push prom 2 weeks later. Oh well. She's promised to send me instructions and pictures and all that every time she can.

You know, I've never felt closer to my sister. I guess it's because before she left I was a lot younger and I suppose I wasn't very much on intelligent conversation. And I didn't know anything about life or pretty much anything to do with her for that matter. And even if I did know stuff, it's not like I felt very comfortable telling her about it. But now it's a whole lot better. We still don't quite have the intimate conversations that I wish we had, but it's a lot better and I guess we trust each other with a lot more now. I can't wait til she gets back.

Dates I'm looking forward to:
30th October - Halloween Party (apparently!)
30th November - My last day of papers!
6th December - Prom night!
21st December - My sis comes home!
25th December - My first family Christmas in ages (5 or 6 years!)


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