Tuesday, October 19, 2004

1315hrs and I'm really really sleepy.

For some reason no matter how late I actually sleep (0400hrs this morning!) I always end up waking up at like 1000hrs. Which is bloody annoying. Cos now I'm thinking, "Why on earth can't I wake up an hour earlier?" Then at least I can catch the 0900 telecast of Oprah. Annoying.

Not eating much today. Having dragonfruit for lunch because I think I should lose some weight from my arse. It really is growing to monumental proportions I think.

I like fruits with tiny tiny edible seeds. Dragonfruits and kiwi are the usual. The seeds make this amusing lil poppping noise when you bite into them. It's like prawn roe.

Ok, prawns and fruits... Connection, Jasmine? Bimbotic much?

Ooh... I'm craving sushi now. Not anything dramatic. I don't need to go to a sushi bar or anything (I've never been to one actually!). I just feel like eating those EDO SUSHI bits. Yum...

Oh well...

I swear I have nothing substantial to say. I don't even know why I'm blogging.

I have seeds stuck in my teeth.


I need sleep...


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