Sunday, July 16, 2006

Time for another mindless what-I-did-last-night post.

So I had a pretty good time last night.

Met the gang for dinner at the revamped Newton Circus. Got there just in time to stuff my face with some yummy food and then leave for Clarke Quay amidst a whole lot of squabbling and indecision about where to go.

Walked around aimlessly at Clarke Quay for some time. Stopped off at MOS and that's where the fun began.

Met Sanjay and he told me my fellow bridesmaids were coming down so I called them and decided that I'd meet them. Walked around Clarke Quay for a bit while I waited for the ladies to show up (the others were still ait indecisive, you see). Went back to MOS, got in through VIP (hurrah for Sanjay!) and hung out with my lovely lovely bridesmaid for a while. Sanjay came in after a bit, got us more drinks and took us on a tour of the club.
(.Me, Jaggy, Sanjay and Clair.) I have fallen in lust with lychee martinis.

The ladies left after a while and I joined the rest of the lot at Smoove for some very smooshed dancing.
(.Me and Bubs.Dancefloor.Sails and me.)

Took a break after a while because it was getting too darned crowded. Siv, Noodle and the rest of the boys showed up after a while, so after getting drinks with Nash, I proceeded to hang out with them on the Smoove floor for a while. Those boys are a riot. And a half. And oh-so-goddamn-adorable.

Went out to send off Bubs and Vin after a while and then I dragged my butt back in for some retro-ing at 54 where more photo-whoring was done.

(.Me and Haresh.Happiness and the boys.Me and Nash.)

Got tired after all that excitement so the idea of home, a shower and my bed started to sound really good. Hopped on a cab and the night ended.

All in all a good night at MOS.


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