Wednesday, July 12, 2006


a random coffee club.
a random 2-seater couch.
2 not-so-random shes.

you're back.
why not?
i guess you were done there huh?
why do you sound so bitter?
maybe because i am.
i haven't been around. it must not be about me.
of course not. it's never about you right?
what did i do?
you broke his heart.
this again.
yes, this again.
why does it matter to you so much?
because he broke mine. chaos theory.
and that's my fault?
how come?
i don't know.
there you go.
no. wait. i know this. i told you it was wrong. i told you right from the start. you didn't listen. i told you at the start and i told you at the end. you didn't listen. you went right ahead, you conquered, you destroyed and then you up and left. and i was left to pick up the pieces.
you didn't have to. you have nothing to do with it anymore. it wasn't your problem.
yeah. i guess it wasn't.
so don't blame me. i had to take care of myself.
yes. you did. things have to go your way.
stop being so bitter.
i can't help it.
well, i can't help you.
why are you back?
did you think i wasn't going to?
part of me hoped.
do you hate me that much?
are hate and resentment the same thing?

so you resent me?
i guess i can't blame you.
that's very mature of you.
no problem.
you know i can't guarantee that i won't hurt him again right?
no. you have to promise me you won't.
i can't.
why not?
can you promise me that you won't get hurt?
there you go.

the door to the random coffee house opens and the little bell tinkles.
he walks in, bag on his left shoulder. he looks at his mobile in his right palm with his earphones on.
they turn around.
he looks up.
she looks at him.
he looks at her and then looks to the other side of the couch. he stops walking. the scene registers.
she looks longingly at them look at each other. she whispers.

this is the part where i leave.


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