Sunday, June 25, 2006

So, hello Sunday.

My radio still plays 98.7fm because I haven't changed it from last weekend. No matter. The music is bearable.

I'm going out in a while for some quality Bubba-time. Yay us.

This was a totally pointless post so if you're reading this and are still looking for something deep or meaningful, I would sincerely like to apologise. I'm not quite in the mood to think too much. I just felt like typing a bit and seeing as how nobody is online, I've resorted to nonsense posts about nothingness.

I feel like having dessert. Maybe I'll suggest that to Bubba later.

I guess I should go get dressed and what not.

What to wear what to wear. Oh, the life altering choices I have to make. *smirk*

You know what I just thought of? "Oh! The suffering! The torture!" Bwahahahaha. Oh boy, that was fun. :-)


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