Sunday, July 02, 2006

Good Sunday morning, Possums!

Brazil is out! I am pleased.

Ever since last night I've been in a very good mood. Queasy tummy and sleeplessness aside, it was a lovely evening, a peaceful night.

I'm going to church to speak to my priest later. I have to book a mass for my grandparents next week. 5 or 6 years, I think, it has been since they passed on. I can't quite remember the exact dates. I don't think I knew them very well, but they're my father's parents afterall. I think I'd be a bit more affected if something happened to my mother's father because I have more recent memories of him.

I've always been a bit sad about this. The fact that the whole family is in India and that I essentially have to live on memories of them. It's a weird thing when you know that your aunts and uncles and cousins are amazing people and you know that you would have been very close to them had you known them better or spent more time with them. I always feel a little pang of envy when I hear friends talk about how close they are to cousins or how there are babies and toddlers running around their houses once in a while. It's even worse when you go over there and all your cousins are so obviously tight and you become the outsider who has to break into their circle.

I wonder if it's weird for them.

On a happier note, one of my cousins in getting married in a couple of months. This one would be the eldest daughter of my mother's twin sister. Yes, my mother has a twin. Alice and Gracie. For some reason this fact amuses a lot of people. So if you didn't see the India pictures and make your own deductions, this is me telling you. My mother harbours the desire that my sister or I will one day have twins of our own. Apparently there are high chances because the twin thing skips a generation in her family. Her grandmother was a twin too you see. She thinks it would a cute situation and that it would make an adorable photo opportunity.

Speaking of which, I tried on my bridesmaid sari last night since I had nothing else to do. My sister wanted the pictures anyway. She needed to assess the blingyness of our saris vs the blingyness of hers. She obviously would have to bling more due to her status as the bride. Hers is obviously more blingy. I'm happy with mine though, as pink as it is. I think it's very me, which is unfortunate because I'm trying very hard to let go of this Jasmine=Pink stereotype. I've realised that I might just have to live with it. My aura is pink too apparently, if you believe in that stuff. Pink with a hint of green.

"What kinds of pink and what kinds of green? Does it mean anything different?" I asked.

She gave me a very long and confusing explanation. I zoned out after a while because I was thinking about the fact that it was pink and green.

I wonder if I'm still pink and green. And I wonder if I would believe it if I went for another reading. I'll think about it.

After much thought I've decided against going back to Aaron for this round of haircare. I will, however, run into his arms in January when I WILL need a good job done. Pinks, if you are reading this and I start having second thoughts about it, please smack me.


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