Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My cramps are seriously killing me. Really too much information for the random stranger ywho may be stumbling upon my blog. Or, for that matter, most of you others who keep coming back here despite the nonsense posts of the past few days.

But I don't care. I'm bleeding and I'm in pain. I've finally managed to drag myself out of bed, where I was writhing around in agony, and now here I sit, at my table, still writhing around a bit. Panadol has begun to lose it's effect. That cannot be good.

Apparently sitting in front of my lappy hasn't done me much good either. Maybe I'll just crawl back into bed. I don't feel like being here.

If anyone feels like making me feel better give me a call. I give you till 12mn. If I don't answer, chances are I fell asleep. Text me then. I'd appreciate a pick me up if I manage to pry my eyes open.



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