Monday, June 26, 2006

Long day it's been. But I like long days like this.

Woke up early for some quality Mustafa-ing with Mummy. I didn't buy much but I guess it was quite nice to wake up early for once. The world seems a lot brighter at 8 in the morning.

I didn't last very long though. After paying all the bills and what not and then proceeding to Farrer Park, I was already sleepy. Not much of a shopper. I reckon I would have bought a lot more things for myself had I been more awake. Oh well.

Mustafa Cafe serves a mean Ice Milo. Yum.

Made Mummy take a cab home (Hero that I am, I paid. Does wonders for my financial situation!) so that I would have enough time to take a quick nap.

Did just that. A very quick nap. 20min or so before I had to drag my ass to Orchard to meet Clair. Met, watched her eat her Yong Tau Foo with much relish and trudged off to Jody's for dress adjustments and what not. We were there for ages! I think I feel quite at home in that little shop. Can't say the same about Far East Shopping Centre. Quite the dingy place huh? *shudders*

Since Jody's took so long there was no point in me going for dance prac on campus. I would have gone all the way there to say bye. Pfft. So I hung out with the girls for a bit and since I was since I was supposed to have dinner out anyway, I decided to meet Siv for coffee when the ladies went off to Jaggy's for dinner.

I'm starting to like Paya Lebar. It has moments of peaceful-ness intersperced with times of happening-ness. Next MS I say. Watch those dodgy buildings I say. Best club in Singapore could be hiding there.

Maybe It's not PL though. Maybe it's just Coffee Bean. Gardens, PL, Paragon. Lovely.

Got home a while back, feeling bloated and cranky. Had some more tea, chamomile this time. And a Brunch Bar. Not really Brunch time but I don't care. If you've ever had one you'd understand my love of them. Yummy.

Now I feel much better.

Once again I have nothing much else to say. And if you've read up til here, then you just unwittingly heard about my day. :P

You can go about you business now.


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