Sunday, June 04, 2006

I've been told that I'm lovely except for one aspect of my being.

I told myself I wouldn't be bothered by that comment. But I am.

Imagine doing something stupid and then getting hurt. And then imagine have a big, painful bruise to remind of your stupidity. Then imagine you gotta go out somewhere with friends, so you dress appropriately, disguising the telltale bruise to avoid all questions, to save yourself the pain and embarrassment of explaining how the bruise got there. And then imagine that someone unknowingly prods you exactly where that bruise is. You have to suck in the pain though, bite your lip and keep a straight face, because if you let on, the whole process of finding the perfect outfit to hide it would be completely wasted. And all the pains you went through to avoid the questions would go down the drain.

Stop prodding me. I can only bite my lip for so long.

Just leave me alone. Everybody.

My seams are starting to strain and I need some time to reinforce them before they burst completely.


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