Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm home from dinner at Chomp Chomp with the lot.

Dinner was lovely. Kway teow, bbq chicken wings, stingray and sugar cane. Yum.

Tres pleased.

My parents are in the hall, watching some malayalam show and I'm in my room, in between Lolita and my tv, hoping for something exciting. I think I'm watching The Ring now. It doesn't interest me but it does provide some sort of sound in my otherwise quiet room. I don't like being in a quiet room at night. Not when I'm doing something at least.

Oh, results are out. CAP: 3.4.

Drop of 0.2 from last sem. But it's ok, considering the science modules I took.. So I'm cool.

At this very moment, I'm trying not to think about anything. I'm just... Chilling.

I spoke to a friend a few days ago. A friend who isn't in my life constantly, so she doesn't know the intricate details of things, just the relatively big picture. She asked if I was planning on getting attached again anytime soon.

No thinking was required for that question. It was a flat out no.

Why? she asked.

I don't want to! I replied.

But why? she insisted.

Because I'm not interested in anyone, that's why! No one! None! Zip! Zilch! Zero! Plus I don't want to have to go through more drama in my life. I'm ok with this being single thing.


Sure! Why not? The other way didn't work. Let's try this!

I don't want to explain myself to anyone. Simply due to the fact that I don't have an explanation on hand to offer to anyone with a question. Just don't question it ok? Stay out of it and don't bug me about it.

Thank you.


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