Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm in a super cranky mood. Why?

Because, at this very moment, I'm not at Brewerkz, having dinner with my favourite sisters for my darling Muffle's birthday.

And why am I not there?

Because my lovely parents forgot to give me my allowance! Bah!

I reminded them! Yes I did! But they forgot and my dad came home late. Hence me being stuck at home.

And if being stuck at home wasn't bad enough, I had to make dinner for the family. Yes people, ruin my plans for the night, then make me work for you.

Despite my bad mood, I must say that I made a mean spaghetti! Hmph.

Well, hopefully tomorrow night will be much better.

To be honest, I don't know how I feel about all these new developments. I never expected anything like this to happen so soon. I mean, seriously, who would? I'm not prepaed for anything concrete. I think you know that. I seriously cannot go through any more right now. Or for a long time to come. I've said it before, I don't have that kind of strength. There is a difference between self-doubt and self-knowledge. I know myself, and I know I can't do it. It may be unhealthy to hold all this in, to not bring it up and to forbid it in speech, but it works out well for everyone so I'm going to keep doing it til it blows up in my face. And til then I'm just going to live in blissful oblivion and pray the day never comes.

The NY chalet is next week. I can't decide if I can't wait or I can. I don't think I'll stay the first night, probably just the second. I don't really want to piss of the parents too much.

I love "Pretty Vegas" by INXS. And "Kissing You" by Des'ree. 2 very different songs, I've never really been the sort to only like one type of music yes?


Blogger jesreen said...

muffles missed u tt nite :'( but its okay, we'll do brewerks soon as one of our dinners!

3:02 AM  
Blogger Jasmine said...

sigh.i really wish i could have been there.muack.

3:30 AM  

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