Monday, May 29, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Random Day

1. My mum makes good food. It's just dawning on me. 20 years of eating "outside food" and I'm just beginning to realise that there are still many dishes that my mum just makes better. I love my Mummy-ma. This random thought is due to the fact that I just had some yummy-mummy noodles. I'm stuffed and very contented.

2. I feel like going. As in I feel like clubbing. No, I'm not addicted. Once in a while I just have a craving to go. To have a bit to drink (No, not addicted to that either! Just because I'm a girl who enjoys her beer once in a while doesn't mean that I'm an alcoholic.), and then to dance the night away (Or at least til about 2am!) with my favourite people. Til now, I have only had a couple of clubbing experiences that can be counted as good. I would like to make up for lost time.

The last time I posted something about wanting to go out, I got quite a few people asking me out. Thing is, I don't really enjoy going out with people I don't know very well. Especially not to a club. Like I told Ah Neh, I only drink when I know I'm with someone who will be able to take care of me (I'm not a dunce, and I haven't tried all the booze in the world to know how I will react to what. It's just common sense to have someone you know and trust around, just in case yes?) . Point is, if I don't know you well, chances are I'm not clubbing with you. Sorry!

3. I'm watching the Constance Chee thing on Crimewatch now. The woman who plays the accused looks very familiar. Who she ah?

4. I love ice water. I love love love it. It's the bestest drink ever. Yes, even better than beer! (I know some of you might be doing the "Omg! Even better than BEER?!!" thing, so please, shove it.)

5. I'm rediscovering the genius and talent of Jerry Seinfeld. It's a really good show! About nothing! Seriously! I have Seinlanguage (Also by him.) at home so I decided to read it again and I found myself laughing allover again. He's so observant and calculated with his comments. I love it!

6. I have the hots for girls with long, dark, wavy hair. For example, the lead singer in PCD, Carmen Electra and Eva Longoria. Grin.

Ok, gonna Firefox now, so I gotta stop.


Blogger ah_neh said...

oi!!!!!!!! KNN. That para with my name in it sounds like I is the one hounding you to go club. Dont be a doofus and edit it or set the record straight ah! Tsk tsk!!!!!!!

4:48 PM  

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