Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today's been a good day.

Went to the gym (5km I ran!), found out I weigh less than I thought I did (not the 50-something kg I thought), had a good lunch/dinner(double Filet meal!), studied(uses and gratifications of cellular phones), came home in good weather(the just-after-a-storm cool), showered real good(shampooed, conditioned, scrubbed, rubbed, exfoliated and moisturised) and now I'm here!

Only certain things bugged me.

1. The bad weather on the way to the club.
2. The fact that I didn't get to see Pinky's legendary backstroke.
3. The strange Macs delivery boy. What a fucker. Hrmph.

But the good stuff is overriding the rest.

Plus I just found out that my would-have-been guests are not staying at my place after all. Just have to go see them with Mummy tomorrow morning before our cleaning lady comes over.

I love pleasant days!


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