Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's a lazy Tuesday afternoon.

It shouldn't be lazy, rightfully, because I have a tonne of reading to do and a tonne more of other things.

I just can't seem to bring myself to do anything productive.

I'm cramping like a mad, bleeding chihuahua. I don't know if mad, bleeding chihuahuas actually cramp but I seriously don't care. I'm lethargic and lazy and loser-ish and I don't quite give anough of a damn to do anything about it.

I almost enrolled for a yogilates class yesternight with Pinksypoo, but after finding out it was level 2, we decided against it. I can barely touch my toes now, so starting at a level that's anything but beginning beginners is just...not right. And possibly begging for aching muscles and a few weeks of bedridden-ness.

Maybe I'll look around at the sports' complexes near my place for lessons. I really need to do something about my lazybones. Yes, my bones have taken on a life of their own. And they are lazy. They do make a lot of noise (creaking, usually) when I try and make them do something, but that's as much as you'll get out of them.

I feel my next cramp contraction coming on. Brace yourselves.



I'd like to say a few more thank yous for a few more prsents that I got last week.

1. Pinksypoo and her Jaany for Lolita's new home. She's snug and happy and I feel like a proud mother watching her little princess daughter growing up.

2. Asha, for the lovely green and gold (my colour fetishes at the moment) baggy. It's so exotic and Indian. I love it! And I love her. Promiscuous bestfwen has my approval.

3. My favourite Uncle Bhasi for the money. Nuff said. *kisses*

4. Mathan for Tatty Bear! My first Tatty Bear! See, I tend to not like soft toys and cutesy stuff like that, but Tatty Bear is one of the only exceptions. I like things with stories behind them.

5. Siva for my Apple Boxers. Too cute for words. Maybe that's why there are no words at this point of time. :(

6. Nana for my pretty new bronzey flower earrings. Pretty pretty!

I think that's it for now. I can't think of anything else at this point of time.

Next contraction.

Oh Lord.


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