Friday, January 27, 2006

It's not even my birthday yet and I've got a tonne of new things. Present-wise, this is the best year ever! So I have a few people to think.

1. My dearest Papa for my newly rebonded hair. He grumbles everytime I do it, but like most dads, he's a softie when it comes to his daughters. :-)

2. Mummy-ma for my brand new Motorola V3 Razr in hot hot hot pink and my new blue themed accessories! We've gotten into a lot of fights recently, always mad at each other for something or other, but I do love her so very much.

3. My sister for the 2 pairs of booty shorts (pink and black) and 2 racer backs (peach and grey) all the way from Brisbane. She always seems to know when I'm craving certain items of clothing. And racer backs were my latest craze and she gets me my fav Supre skinny ones! Perfection in an airmail package!

4. Dinesh for lunch at Fish & Co the other day. I've never eaten so much. It was crazy! Yummmm....

5. Pinksypoo for the most perfect assymetrical yellow tubey-top from Victoria's Secret! It's a perfect fit Pinks! And you can borrow it anytime you want!! *hugs*

6. And last but definitely not least....


I would like to thank my babyboy for the perfect Olympus Mju.

He knew exactly what I wanted and went through all pains to get it for me. Nobody has done that for me. Or spent so much on me. I still don't quite know what to say or how to say it.

I'm sorry for spoiling your surprise Bubsy. But like you said, it worked out for the best. The best best best.

The camera is adorable and oh-so-perfect. (Most of you reading this will eventually see it I reckon. Pinks, you were right on the mark with what you said when I asked you for a hint the other day. "You're going to be HIGHLY annoying when you get the present!" Hahahaha!)

I'm a happy girl.


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