Thursday, January 19, 2006

i'm sipping some wine and i think i am ready to tackle this issue of me not being honest enough on my blog.

why am i not completely honest?

for thos eo of you who haven't gotten it already, i AM NOT totally honest about things on my blog. it's not that i blatantly lie about the things that happen in my life. i don't do that. i just don't share everything that i am thinking here. i don't share my every emotion or all the things that i do.

i suppose many would say that that is the whole point of a blog. to talk about things that are on my mind and to share my views and all that. but the thing is...

the thing is...

the thing is i can't do that. i just cant.

me being honest about things, about how i feel about certain things and certain people and their certain ways and their certain means would cause ultimate chaos to say the least. the least!

on a whole different note, the osim igallop advert borders on porn in my opinion. girls in short skirts and short shorts riding a weird machine thing. replace the machine thing with a boy on his back (which, believe me, is an easy replacement in a horny boy's mind) and you get porn. flat out porn. let's-get-horny-and-do-it porn.

back on track.

honesty. that's the topic of the day.

and my point is that total honesty would kill the people around me. and possible kill me too.

i do believe that nobody, yes, nobody, is completely honest. they just aren't. if they were, i reckon there'd be a lot more murdered people and people beat over the head with random weapons.

there would be too much hurt and too much... something...

it just wouldn't be good i think.

don't get me all wrong and think that i have all these emotions cooped up in me that i'm repression and that i'm going to explode one day and there is going to be much bloodshed and many many tears. i have outlets. this blog isn't the be all and end all of all of it. i have enough paper lying around at home and there is enough booze in the world to get all my thoughts out in the open, believe me.


you want honesty? here's honesty.

i need some sleep.


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