Monday, October 10, 2005

Well, my internet connection at home wasn't working the whole of yesterday for some reason. So here's what I typed on Word just to keep myself relatively sane while I did my work...

"It’s Soft Rock weekend on Class95. Lovely.

The songs are so mellow and the words are lovely. It’s amazing how some people can put words like that together and make them sound so good.

~Alanis Morrisette – Hand In My Pocket (And what it all comes down to is that I haven’t quite had it all figured out just yet…)

~Counting Crows – Accidentally In Love (These lines of lightning mean we’re never alone…)

For some reason I love those gruff gravelly rocker voices. The lead singer from Mr Big, Jon Bon Jovi, the lead from the Goo Goo Dolls… Even Sylvester Sim in a some of his first few Idol songs when his pronunciation and accent were ignorable…

~Dido – Here With Me (I don’t wanna call my friends, for they might wake me from this dream…)

I’m suffering from writer’s block, both here and, more importantly, for my CNM essay. I can never seem to think of anything intelligent when I need to. And what’s worse, I can’t remember the intelligent things that I had thought of before.

~Soul Asylum – Runaway Train (So tired that I couldn’t sleep, so many secrets I couldn’t keep…)

Another thing I like about music like this is that it reminds of when I was a kid, much younger. I’d sing along to all these songs, not knowing what they meant, just singing because they sounded so good.

~Jewel – You Were Meant For Me (I saw a movie, it just wasn’t the same cos it was happy and I was sad and it made me miss you oh so bad…)

~Chris Isaac – I Don’t Want To Fall In Love (What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you…)

~- Show Me Heaven (I’m not denying, I’m frightened as much as you. Though I’m barely touching you, I’ve shivers down my spine… And it feels divine...)"


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