Thursday, September 08, 2005

I have a German test tomorrow, and here I am, calmly blogging even though I'm not even close to being prepared.

Oh well.

Let me update.

Yesterday, bad day. Broke slipper early in the bloody morning because some assface stepped on it when I was on the bus. Not amusing. Hobbled around school like a major loser till 12. Stress almighty. After that I just couldn't take it anymore and any plans to stay in school longer were cancelled. I just had no mood. Odd how a broken slipper can just wreck the entire day. I don't think it was only the slipper though. It was a lack of sleep, the thought of thinking so much so early, the broken slipper and a lack of even a simple sorry from God-knows-who-it-was-even. Seriously, courtesy people!

Today was alright though. Political science lecture in the morning (thankfully not too early), wanton mee for lunch (my tummy gave me specific orders and I obeyed at the Business fac canteen) and NM tutorial. Then went to Bugis Street to do some recce for my sis (fake Gucci bags she hunts for). It's oddly empowering to be there by yourself.

You know what's nice, and a big cheerer upper? Nice salespeople. The kind that don't crowd you and don't watch your every move and give you unnecessary and highly annoying information on products or merchandise you may have just been glancing at. Met a couple of them at Bugis Street today. Both at bag shops (which were technically the only shops I went into cos I was looking for a new school bag) and both very articulate and polite. And some flattery is never any harm when you wanna make a sale you know? Nice guy at Zinc laid on the flattery and now I'm quite hell bent on buying a bag from there. I'm thinking black, leather, sling...

Hmm...What else can I say...

Ok, some questions for the general public.

1. Does anyone know of a Pasar Malam anywhere near the Hougang region?
2. Does anyone know where I can get fake Guccie, Dior, Chanel, Prada, Fendi, Ferragamo or Burberry stuff for pretty cheap? My sis needs to get stuff for her friends in Australia.
3. How much does a thumb drive cost? And since it goes by size or space or whatever, what do you think is an ok size for a student?
4. What kind of stuff should I install on my lappy so that I can protect it as much as possible from viruses etc? And where can I get them.

If you actually have answers, and if they are too long for tagging, please do email me at

Thanks much.


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