Monday, September 05, 2005

Haven't been updating have I? Nope, I haven't. I've been busy and/or lazy. So let me do this before I get all bummy again.

Thursday: Due to the excitement of my sis coming home I left out the great day I had before that. Went to school doubled over with cramps but due to the wonders of Panadol Menstrual I felt tonnes better and decided to go ahead with my after-school-coffee-with-Monkey plans. We met in Yishun of all places and had hot chocolate in Starbucks while he updated me on his Hellweek experience. I'm quite proud of the fact that I know someone who made it through Hellweek.

I really do love hanging with Monkey. Despite the crap that we've been through, we're doing pretty darn well as friends. He's an absolute gentleman and I appreciate him for that. I feel like my faith in him will not be wasted. And as I told him, I'm not saying that to put pressure on him, or be a nagging conscious behind his every action, but because I really do mean it.

Then I went home and the excitement of the sister took place.

Friday: Pretty boring really. Went to school and then came home. Stopped to do my eyebrows at Rupini's before I got home though. Mr Perfect booked out at about 9ish so I couldn't meet him.

Saturday: Met a very sexy sounding Mr Perfect at City Hall for another day of bumming around and being cows. Had a yummy lunch at Sakura (Him with his Thai Style Fried Rice and me with my usual Chicken Fried Rice.) and then went to the Esplanade with every intention to go to Chocolate Bar. Unfortunately prices were a bit too steep so we stuck with Mrs Field's for some energising chocolate, suger and caffeine. Then we moved outside to the waterside and chilled to the live band playing outside and talked. Perfection thy name is my love.

After some contemplating and profound brain things in my head (I miss Yassie!) I decided I should go for meeting. My genius of a boyfriend came up with quite an apt tagline for YUVA in his incredibly sexy voice and impressed everyone. Can you tell I'm proud?

After meeting, I finally got to have a proper dinner with everyone. Ate at Adam's Corner. Food was delisc but my churning tummy and weird dizzy spells were preventing me from having the required appetite. Nevertheless it was fun. I really did wish that I could do that more often.

Sunday: More hang out time with Mr Perfect. Long John's for lunch, then on to walking around City Hall, then to Pacific Coffee Company for Hazelnut Latte and cheesecake and lastly to the new and improved Marina Square. I didn't want to leave but I had to.

We've been talking about a lot of serious things recently and an air of foreboding is quite unavoidable. I really do hope we know how to work through this. I know I'm being pestering and pushy but from where I stand it's all I can think of doing and all that my mind and body is capable of doing. It's a scary thought, for both of us but in a perfect world fears should be met head on and gotten over as soon as possible.

Actually, in a perfect world, the fear would not be there at all, would it?


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