Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Well, in approximately 24hours or so, Bubba will be on his way to the airport to go to Brunei for a couple of weeks. I'm oddly alright about it now. I mean, right at this instant, I'm not feeling at all sad. I think I'm in denial.

But if I think about it, 2 weeks is really not that long. Plus with all my essays due soon, I'll have a tonne of work to do. So things will be alright. And maybe occasionally, people need some time apart.

I used to say that all the time when I wasn't attached. That people who are should take some time off each othe once in a while. And while I will willingly admit that I can be incredibly hypocritical, sometimes I do have to make the effort to take my own advice, taste my own medicine and all that. What better time than now right? It's not like I have an option anyway.

What is time apart supposed to do? It's suppose to give each person time to be by themselves, because sometimes being in a relationship makes you all about the other person. Sometimes you forget who you are. Time apart is supposed to be time well spent living with yourself again. Thinking your own thoughts and doing your own things.

I do honestly believe that one can only be in a good relationship when one knows oneself and accepts everything about oneself. Only then can one have enough space in one's being to include another person.

Wise words from a sleepy person are not always as wise as the sleepy person my think they are.


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