Thursday, October 13, 2005

I really don't understand, or appreciate, all these petty little dramas. I don't honestly know why I'm putting this down here, because I wish I could do something about it, but I know for a fact that this isn't the way to go about it. I mean, if, and when, I make comments about my friends and acquaintances here and they actually read it, they're just going to assume it's not them and blame someone else. "Oh, must be THAT bastard/bitch. He/she is ALWAYS like that! Tsktsk..." That's because all my friends are so goddamn perfect right? None of them have anything wrong with them. They just live in a life of injustice and are surrounded by people who are not worth them. Why do they still keep these not-worth-it-people in their lives? I don't know. And if, just if, they are smart enough or strong enough to get rid of them, are they at least nice enough to tell them why they don't want to be friends anymore. Or do they just harbour their feelings?

I'm not perfect. I know it and I'm willingly admiting it. I know my mood swings are hard to understand, let alone handle. If you can't handle me, or stand me, I'm not blaming you and I'm not going to make you tahan my nonsense. You don't have to. I also know that I can be very very hypocritical. All that ranting and raving about the annoying people up there? I do that too... I know I'm rude, and loud and bitchy. And I also know that I'm stuck up and proud. If you think all of that about me, don't worry you're not alone, I think the same and I'm sure I can find you a lot more people who would think that, and more...

I just wish other people would take a step out of their lives and look at the way they ae behaving and what they are saying...Does it make sense? Are you being rational and practical? Are you, in all honesty, being a brat? If somebody else was in the same situation you were in, and I'm saying the EXACT SAME SITUATION, with other people who mean as much to them as the people in your situation mean to you, what would you tell them to do. If they were doing what you were doing would you think it was justified? Or would you have the incredible urge to stick a smelly shoe down their throat and tell them to shut it and grow the hell up?

I'm venting.







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