Sunday, August 21, 2005

I've got much much more of Lolita to read before Tuesday so I won't be blogging much.

I'm going to minimise my blatant downloading on Limewire because Mr Perfect warned me about the dangers of not paying for my music, leading to the paying of a hefty fine and possible jail time.

I'll just wait and borrow CDs from people.

Spent all of 2 hours with Mr Perfect, after which I had to run off. Wasn't much but it definitely was better than not seeing him at all. Next time I see him will be on Saturday I guess. Sunday is hanging in the balance due to my mother's request that I follow her to some lady's daughter's wedding. She knows the lady, she's good friends with her actually, but I have no idea who they all are. But she asked nicely so I have no heart to refuse her outright.

Gotta go back to Lolita now. Maybe that's what I should call my lappy.


Mr Perfect seems to like Marissa though. We'll see how things progress...


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