Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another good day. I'm pleased.

Went out with Mr Perfect again. This was the longest amount of time we've spent together in a really long time. It was good. We walked along Orchard Road and window shopped, we talked about silly billy things and we ate like pigs at Sakura City Hall(where we used to go during our first few dates). I guess I didn't realise how special it all was and how much fun it was til it was over and I was on my way home on the train and missing him.

There are just things about him that takes me so much time to digest and thus even more time to accept and appreciate. He takes care of me like nobody has ever done. Little things like making sure I message him when I get home, like sending me all the way home just because I have a slight fever and making sure I eat well all the time. I'm not used to all of it.

The day as a whole was lovely...

So if you're reading this, thanks... And I love you...


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