Sunday, August 14, 2005

I haven't blogged in quite a bit. Keep meaning to but everytime I sit in front of the computer, I forget what I wanted to say and everytime I think of something to say, I can't get to the computer.

And trust me, I've had a lot of things that I've wanted to say.

I'm finally in school. Lectures started last week. Tutorials start on the 22nd so for this week at least I have nothing on on Monday. It's been good so far but then again I've only had one lecture per module. I'm doing 5 modules this semester, for those of you who care. Political Science (where the yummy men dwell), South Asian Studies (where the lecturer looks like a cuter version of Colonel Sanders), German (Guten tag!), English Literature (I think all lit teachers/tutors/lecturers are either hyperactive,extremely cool, or both) and New Media and Communications (the lecturer is Puerto Rican!)

As for now I have nothing much else to say about school. I'm still in the getting used to it phase so I'll update when I'm more attuned to my surroundings.

YUVA has officially completed its next project, the Street Challenge 2005. We didn't get as many teams as we had expected, but it was a good way to make our mark with youth. And we all got at least a glimpse of how each we each work. Ideas, opinions and character traits might have clashed but I'm sure that everyone learnt something, good or bad.

I know that sounds like an extremely typical thing to say, optimistic and ra-ra and everything-is-good-and-I'm-so-happy-to-be-a-part-of-this.

Maybe I am. But there's so many things that are standing against me right now, not letting me be completely a part of it.

But let's not talk about it.

Over the past few months (7, actually), Mr Perfect has shown me, more each day, how much he loves me. It's not big, overt displays of affection. I may want that sometimes, but I've come to realise that he really doesn't work that way. It's just the little things that he does. Like gently moving me away from the edge of the pavement so that I wouldn't have to walk beside the road, like making sure I go order my food first and before he orders his, like making sure he sends me home everytime he can, or at least making sure I call or sms everytime I get home, like talking to me when he knows I'm distressed, even for the strangest, stupidest reasons, even if he has the chance to play soccer. He's lovely... In so many ways...


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