Monday, August 08, 2005

It's been a truly havoc weekend as Dinesh would so aptly put it.

My lovely brother bought me an iPod mini for no reason tomorrow. I'm so touched and grateful you cannot even imagine. I love my brother. I really do. I don't think anyone can have a brother like mine. Seriously. I'm not just saying that because he bought me something. He really is.

He never bullies me, he always knocks before he enters, he shares anything that's share-able, he used to sing me silly tamil songs when he was a kid and I was a tiny baby (or so mummy tells me), he used to buy me icecream and pretend it came from Santa Claus, he keeps my secrets, he actually makes the effort to introduce me to his friends when they come over, he's always on my side, he takes care of me... I could go on and on, but I AM using his computer and he'll be home soon and he WILL need his sleep.

And because the day started out so good, I was sure that it wouldn't end well because my days are usually like that. But it didn't get bad. At all.

It only got better.

Mr Perfect lied about the shirt he got. He got the pink striped one. He looked so handsome I almost teared when I saw him. And then he gave me a rose. Just like that. For no reason.

Ok, so it may not seem like a lot to all you people in romantical big-shows-of-affection relationships. But it meant a lot to me. It was sweet and uncalled for in a good way. It made the night really special. And he was so gentlemanly the whole night. Not that he isn't on a normal basis. But he made it date-ish and exciting while keeping it comfortable.

My wide vocabulary fails me right now.

All I can say is that it was perfect.

And today I was even better.

He's right. Hanging out and chilling really is alright.

No, it's better than alright.

I love being with him. For all that he is. And for all that he's made me.


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