Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've finally got my laptop! It's a tiny little Acer wonder and I'm truly pleased with my selection. I just hope it doesn't crash like Pinky's old one. Apparently it should last me about 3-4 years. Yeah right. The way I'll end up abusing it, it'll probably die, or at least throw countless tantrums.

I have yet to christen her. Yes, it's a her. I generally don't work well with women, but, well, it seemed like the right thing to do. I'm going to take some time to get used to her and make friends with her properly first. Then I'll come up with the perfect name.

I do get the feeling, however, that she's going to like Mr Perfect much more than she likes me. Oh well. Most people do like him more than they like me.

With my new aquisition, I think I will be blogging more regularly. Or at least I hope so. I do have the use of this machine at my disposal all the time now (slightly less than that if I get lazy and I decide not to bring her to school with me) so technically, I have no real excuse for not updating.

I spent a while just now trying to freeload off someone's wireless. For some reason, there are tonnes of networks from my living room but none in my bedroom. Highly annoying. But then again, me and my surprisingly techno-savvyish self managed to connect my broadband cable to this little wonder and thus I'm in with the surfage.

Quite pleased I am.

All you truly tech-ish people can go ahead and have your laughs now. HAHA, look at the dunce of a girl who knows nothing about computers.What a loser.

Bite me! And then go get some new clothes. And a life.

Ooh..Touchy I am.

Oh, I'm so amusing myself. Like, totally... *rolls eyes*

Had a pretty darn good today. Most of my splendid mood can be attributed to Bianca? Monica? Princess Tippity? (Nope, none of those...) After getting her and speaking to the ComCen guy, we had lunch and then I went off to meet Aravind for lunch. Was joined by Venket. Then Venks left and Aravind and I got to spend some quality chill-out/dance practice time at Woodlands and his house. Surprisingly clean room he has for a guy. Plus he carried little Tiffany? Marissa? Hermoine? for me all the way.

I also got all my classes. Very pleased about that. No schools on Mondays. Brilliant huh? Yay!


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