Monday, August 29, 2005

I shouldn't actually be blogging right now because I have a tonne of readings to catch up on. Goodness knows why I'm so far behind. Well, actually, I know why. I've been a bum. Wake up, school, home, tv, sleep. That's pretty much my day. And for some reason, I'm so tired during the weekend that I can't sleep enough!

I don't know why I'm blogging really. You'd think I'd be done by now and just shut it with the whinging and whining and get back to my work. But I can't. That wouldn't be in true Jasmine Paul style would it?

I have one friend in Bremen, one in Austin and one in Rhode Island. All three I've knowm for ages and my family have known for ages and all three are girls. All in far off different countries, all having the time of their lives.

And I'm still here, still stuck with a curfew of 9pm.

I'm just tired...

Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight.


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